Learning A–Z, Tucson, AZ

Reading A–Z & Raz-Plus (Grades Pre-K–6)

Spanish translation of over 1,500 leveled books and accompanying worksheets, quizzes, and discussion cards.
Design – DTP InDesign (English and Spanish books).
Spanish Copyediting of 68 Math books.

Learning A–Z, Tucson, AZ

Science A–Z (Grades K–6)

Spanish translation of 117 nonfiction science books and accompanying unit quizzes.
Spanish translation of 100 FOCUS science books.

Learning A–Z, Tucson, AZ

Raz-Kids (Grades K–6)

Script preparation, supervision of recording sessions, and quality control review of audio files for Spanish audiobooks.

Learning A–Z, Tucson, AZ

Learning A–Z Spanish Text Leveling System (TLS)Manuscript preparation, analysis, breakdown and classification of text and individual words. and loading of all data to system.

Learning A–Z, Tucson, AZ

Authentic Spanish Project (Grades K-6)

Copyediting authentic Spanish books, worksheets, and quizzes.

Learning A–Z, Tucson, AZ


Wrote five titles for publication.


Spanish Official Guide to the HiSET Exam, Copyeditor
Schaum´s Outlines – Spanish Vocabulary
Schaum´s Outlines – Spanish Grammar

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Texas Spanish Math, Grades K, 1 and 2, Translator and Copyeditor
CA Math GK and G1, Quizzes and Practice Exercises, Translation
Alianzas 1e, TE and SE Proofing
Para siempre, 2e, TE and SE Proofing
Hola amigos, 8e, TE and SE Proofing

SRA/McGraw-Hill, CA

(Grades 3-6) Spanish Reading TE Production proofreading.

Wright Group

Viva Spanish (3 books, 1,700 pieces of art).
Coordinate art traffic, deadline scheduling, contract preparation, artist communication, Proofreading.

Harcourt Inc., FL

Translation, Copyediting and Proofreading.Translation, Copyediting and Proofreading.Science,Workbook. Grades 3 and 5. Translation.Social Studies, Horizontes Reprint, Grade 4, Student and Teacher’s Editions, Social Studies,Time for Kids, Grades K, 1 and 2. Ancillary materials. Reading, Trofeos Reprint,Grades 3, 4 and 5. Teacher’s Edition.  Reading, Trofeos Reprint,Grades 1, 2 and 6. Teacher’s Edition.Reading, Trofeos Reprint,Grade 2. Student’s Edition. Reading, Spanish Decodable Books, Grades 1and 2, Writing 101 Spanish decodable stories.Language Arts 2001, Grade 3, Student and Teacher’s Editions. Language Arts, Lenguaje Reprint, Grades 4 and 5, Student and Teacher Edition. TAAS Preparation, Grade 5, Student Edition. Spanish Translation.

SRA/McGraw-Hill, CA

(Grades 3-6) Spanish Reading TE Production proofreading.


(Grades 1-5) Spanish Math Trailblazer Program

York Productions, PA

(College) Translation and copyediting of Spanish Trade books.

Curriculum Associates, LLC

Translation, Copyediting and Proofing IReady Math program (Grades K-1)

School District of Columbia

Copyediting of Scorecards – Programs 2017-2018 (Grades K-1)

Educational Testing Service (ETS)

Copyediting HiSet (High School Equivalency Test) for Science, Language Arts, Math and History (Grades K-1)

Fiction Books

Copyediting Las hijas del Capitán by María Dueñas.